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Apparel inspired by the colors and texture of the world we live in

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Inspiration, creativity, dedication, enthusiasm are just a few of many adjectives that can apply to Basic Options.


Our goal is to make clothes that will inspire people to feel good and make their lives better. Every garment we produce is designed improve your life through comfort, function and aesthetic. It is our never ending amazement and wonder of the world that inspires us every day to produce fashion that is reflective of and in agreement with our planet. We are not seeking to challenge, but rather be a mirror of the beautiful Earth we share.


The heart and soul of Basic Options is the creative and driven spirit. We believe to be creative is to pierce the ordinary and mundane to find the extraordinary and the marvelous.


Customer service is not a department. At Basic Options it is our entire company.


Nothing truly great does not happen without passion and enthusiasm.
Show Schedule
Denver Convention Center
Denver, Colorado
January 29-31, 2020
BOOTH # 44056UL
Manadalay Bay Convention Center
Las Vegas Nevada
February 5-7, 2020
BOOTH # 63911
Doubletree Hotel
Bloomington, Minnesota
February 29 - March 2, 2020
Grand Ballroom
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The Basic Options story is similar to the old tale of the tortoise and the hare.
For the past 33 years Basic Options has been quietly creating quite a success story.
During these years Basic Options has sold virtually every major store in America and catalog.
This has been done on either a branded or private label basis.

Corduroy - Basic Options invented over 20 years ago the process of yarn dyed corduroy plaids.
In the past designs on corduroy were strictly a printed affair. That led to a garment with imperfections in printing
and stiff, board like feel. Basic Options through trial and error perfected a process where the pattern of the corduroy
is actually woven creating an ultra soft hand and worn in look. Today, there are many people copying our designs, but we are the original.
We continue to boast the largest collection and are the leading yarn dyed corduroy manufacturer of apparel.

Batik - Basic Options is the largest importer of genuine Indonesian handmade batik in Men’s apparel. Our batik fabric is handcrafted in the small
villages of Indonesia much in the same way it was 1000 years ago. It is a completley hand dyed process from beginning to end. We then take this fabric
into our superior Chinese factory an assemble the garment there for shipment to the USA.

There are many fabrics and styles that we do. However, the key to our success is that we are a fully vertical manufacturing operation. From our mill, to our factory in
Sichuan province China, to our warehouse office park in California. Basic Options is a family affair. The people who work here,…care.


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